Russell Brand

Comedian and actor

"My personal opinion is [that] the total legalisation of all substances [is the right policy], so they can be regulated – the stringent regulation of drugs, like we have with legal substances today – because until then we're not addressing the problem realistically. [Prohibition] doesn't work: it creates a criminal class, it creates a criminal economy – we all know this, and I think it's perhaps time to address that."
Former UN Secretary-General
President of Colombia
Former President of Switzerland
Former UK Deputy Prime Minister
President of the United States of America
Former President of the United States of America
Head of the United Nations Development Programme
Former President of Uruguay
Former Head of MI5
Former Archbishop of Cantebury
Actor, writer, television presenter and film director
Author and journalist
Former UK drugs minister
Former President of the United States of America
Entrepreneur, CEO of Virgin
TV chef
US Senator and former Republican presidential nominee
Former President of the Royal College of Physicians
Former President of Brazil
Former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
Executive Director of UNAIDS
Former US Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan