Louise Arbour

Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

"[The war on drugs] contributes to the spread of very deadly diseases by actually scaring people away from what should be their approach, which is to seek treatment and to the extent that their addiction is so intense that it can not be eradicated or at least not overnight, to accompany them through health practices that are safe: needle exchanges, safe injection sites... all these practices that are evidence-based rather than ideologically based."
Former President of Colombia
Economist and Nobel Laureate
Former Chairman of the US Federal Reserve
Former UN Special Rapporteur
Former President of Costa Rica
Economist and Nobel Laureate
Former Assistant Chief of MI6
Former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic
Comedian and actor
Baroness and Former Labour MP
Former Chief Inspector of Prisons
Financier and philanthropist
Author, journalist, writer, producer
Former President of Mexico
TV doctor
Baptist minister
Writer and Nobel Laureate
Former New Jersey Superior Court Judge & Fox News Analyst
Professor Emeritius, MIT
TV presenter and Transform Patron