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Summary: principal concerns 
  • The Bill is overly focused on criminal justice-based initiatives, which have a poor record of...
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In June 2003 the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit produced a detailed economic and social analysis of international and domestic drug policy that showed that...
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The UK is in the middle of a drug policy crisis. Whilst the debate on drug policy issues has developed, there is a dearth of evidence on which to base a ...
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Writing in Addiction, Transform's Steve Rolles and Danny Kushlick consider the role of prohibition in driving the new psychoactive substance (NPS) phenomenon and the challenges of...

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In a 2010 Lancet paper Nutt et al. propose a model for evaluating and ranking drug harms, building on earlier work by incorporating multi criteria decision...
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In an article in the British Medical Journal, Steve Rolles summarises Transform's flagship publication, 'After the War on Drugs: Blueprint for Regulation', arguing that we need to end the...

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Transform was part of the writing and research team for this publication by the British Medical Association’s Board of Science. Chapter 6 explores the various harms caused by prohibition and the...

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Transform's Steve Rolles and Niamh Eastwood from Release explore the issues around drug decriminalisation and look at how decriminalisation policies have...

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Steve Rolles, in a chapter for 'Children of the Drug War', considers alternative models of drug control and how they would better protect children from drugs.
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