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Turkey’s move from illicit to licit opium production for medicinal use demonstrates that an orderly...

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“Diplomacy or denialism? The language that the UNGASS Outcome Document overlooked” highlights just a small selection of the strong, progressive and evidence-based language on issues that are...
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Joint submission to the Public Bill Committee into the Psychoactive Substances Bill, produced by Release and Transform. It is Transform’s and Release’s opinion that far more could be done to...

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This is a joint submission to the Justice, Defence and Equality Committee of the Houses of the Oireachtas on behalf of Harm Reduction International, the International Drug Policy Consortium,...

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The Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) is holding a short inquiry into the impact of the proposed Psychoactive Substances Bill focusing on education, treatment for novel psychoactive substance...

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This is a joint briefing paper from Release and Transform, on the UK government’s proposed Psychoactive Substances Bill. The briefing analyses the Bill, highlighting its significant flaws and...

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Cannabis social clubs (CSCs) are private, non-profit organisations in which cannabis is collectively grown and distributed to registered members. With no profit motive to increase cannabis...

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The central aim of Swedish drug policy is to create a drug-free society. To achieve this aim, the country has adopted a punitive, enforcement-led approach to drugs. It is this approach, some have...
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