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Portugal decriminalised the possession of all drugs for personal use in 2001, and there now exists a significant body of evidence on what happened following the move. Both opponents and advocates...

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Misunderstandings and misreporting of actual and proposed changes to Dutch cannabis policy in 2011 have led some opponents of cannabis reform to suggest the country is retreating from its...

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Danny Kushlick from Transform gave oral evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee's Drugs Inquiry on 10th July 2012. He was asked about how the arguments being made for drug law reform related to...
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The groundbreaking 2002 HASC drugs report made a number of important observations and recommendations that we hope this new inquiry will learn from and build...
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This submission suggests that whether we are making minor changes to sentencing policy, or major changes to the legislation, we must have a robust system for...
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As detailed in Transform’s paper on the securitisation of drugs, ‘...
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Drugs are a security issue because their misuse is treated as a threat to humanity - securitised, as understood by the international relations theory, in the 1960s. As a result of this securitisation...
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Transform has a number of serious concerns about the consultation process and the contents of the consultation paper itself.
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Transform is supportive of the concept of an independent expert Government advisory body on drugs and drug policy.
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