Dealing with Spice - Why More Enforcement Won’t Help.

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The impacts of ‘Spice’ use are rarely out of the news. As you will know, ‘Spice’ was developed as a ‘legal high’ alternative because cannabis is illegal. But repeated attempts to ban Spice have failed to stop its use rising among the vulnerable - particularly homeless people, and in prisons. As more and more towns and cities are affected, harming individuals and the communities they live in, we need to find better ways to manage this problem.

Transform Drug Policy Foundation has produced a new short briefing Dealing with Spice - Why More Enforcement Won’t Help. This new publication summarises what Spice is, who takes it, why the attempts to ban it have failed, and what could be done that would work. Because history and evidence suggest yet more enforcement won’t help. Instead, we must address the reasons people use Spice in the first place - through treatment, social support, and providing safer alternatives.