Count the Costs

"Count the Costs is a timely initiative. The failed war on drugs has empowered organised crime, destabilised governments, violated human rights and devastated human lives everywhere."
- Fernando Henrique Cardoso, former President of Brazil

Count the Costs is a global initiative that aims to raise awareness of the disastrous, unintended costs of the war on drugs.

Led by Transform and supported by over 100 other NGOs, Count the Costs highlights how the drug war:

Unlike the costs of other policies, these costs of the drug war have never been properly acknowledged or investigated by the governments and agencies responsible for them.

We are therefore calling upon world leaders and the UN to count the costs of drug prohibition and explore the alternatives.

Visit the Count the Costs website to learn more about the campaign and to show your support. Over 100 NGOs have already become Count the Costs supporters, including Human Rights Watch, the International AIDS Society, Penal Reform International, and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.


Watch this video, made as part as the Count the Costs initiative, on the human rights costs of the war on drugs