Anyone's Child

"I am heartened by a touching new project in the UK. Launched by Transform Drug Policy Foundation, Anyone's Child: Families for Safer Drug Control seeks to put a human face on the costs of the war on drugs and show the public that it is the current approach which is endangering their children, and that legal regulation would help keep them safe."
- Sir Richard Branson

Anyone’s Child: Families for Safer Drug Control is a network of families whose lives have been wrecked by the UK’s drug laws and are now campaigning to change them.

Our politicians tell us that drugs need to be illegal to protect our children. But this is not the case. And evidence proves it.

By making drugs illegal, we have handed the market to criminals, rather than the government. And these criminals don’t ask for ID, don’t care about who they sell to, and don’t care about what the drugs contain. 

Young people will always use drugs. It’s natural for them to experiment. “Just say no” doesn’t work, and neither does punishment.

We need a regulated market to prevent more families uselessly losing their children to drugs.

A criminal record for drug possession destroys a child’s life, ruining job prospects, their status in society, and their futures. You can read more about how current drug laws harm families in the Stories section of the Anyone's Child website.

We believe that our drug laws need to properly protect our children. That’s why we urgently need a new approach to keep all of our families safe.

The next casualty of the drug war really could be Anyone’s Child. Don’t let it be yours.

Channel 4 News coverage of the launch of Anyone's Child