After the War on Drugs

"'After the War on Drugs: Blueprint for Regulation' will prove an invaluable resource for those seeking an exit strategy from the drug war and a solid foundation for peace and security in Latin America and beyond."
- César Gaviria, former President of Colombia


With the growing consensus that current drug policy is ineffective, there is a clear need to develop alternatives – moving from the 'why?' to the 'how?'.

One of Transform’s key strands of work therefore involves producing and disseminating a range of resources that not only provide a critique of the war on drugs, but also offer a vision of what could come after it.

Our advocacy work in this area is centred around our flagship publication, 'After the War on Drugs: Blueprint for Regulation', which demonstrates, for the first time, how the legal regulation of drugs could work in practice.

The book proposes specific models of regulation for each main type of currently prohibited drug, and demonstrates that legal regulation is not an unthinkable, politically impossible step in the dark, but a sensible, pragmatic approach to controlling drug production, supply and use.

'Blueprint' has now been downloaded over 600,000 times and sent to over 5,000 policy makers, politicians, media professionals and NGOs.

With the help of partner organisations, we have also produced translations of the book in SpanishGerman and Italian, which we regularly use to demonstrate our vision of a post-prohibition world to key individuals around the globe.

Executive summaries of the book are also available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian (pdf).

'Blueprint' has been widely endorsed by a range of high-profile public figures, from the former President of Colombia to the UK’s President of the Royal College of Physicians.

"Drugs should still be regulated, and the argument for decriminalising them is clearly made by Stephen Rolles in [an article that summarises 'Blueprint'] in the latest edition of the British Medical Journal."
- Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, President of the Royal College of Physicians

If you have any suggestions of people you think we should send a copy of 'Blueprint' to, please email with your ideas.

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