On Friday, Uruguay released the full set of rules for its new legally regulated cannabis market. Transform staff acted as advisers to the Uruguayan government on their plans, and the country has ended up adopting a model of regulation very similar to the one we advocate in our recent guide to cannabis regulation.
On Tuesday, Transform launched its latest publication ‘How to Regulate Cannabis: A Practical Guide’, in the UK Houses of Parliament. The event coincided with Uruguay passing legislation to make it the first country in the world to legally regulate the production, sale and possession of cannabis - a truly historic moment in drug policy reform.

The Uruguayan Parliament yesterday voted to pass a Bill that will legalise and regulate the production, sale, use and personal cultivation of cannabis for non medical use by adults. The Bill will now pass to the Senate for a vote (and possible amends) in October before returning to the Congress before final approval from the Board of Deputies. Although these are potential stumbling blocks, the Congress vote was 'the big one' and it looks highly likely that the Bill will now pass into law later in the year.