Transform would like to say thank you


If you follow Transform’s work with even a vague interest, you’ll almost certainly have seen us promoting a new project, Anyone’s Child: Families for Safer Drug Control. The aim of the project to is to put a human face on the costs of the war on drugs and show that, contrary to the scaremongering by certain politicians and sections of the media, drug policy reform – moving away from prohibition and criminalisation – will better protect children and young people.

We think this might be the most powerful and important project we ever do. So we asked you, our supporters, to help make it happen, and we were bowled over by the response. This morning, following several new (and incredibly generous) donations, we passed our fundraising target of £10,000. 197 people donated in total, and we’d like to sincerely thank every single one of them – as well as our supporters who tweeted, Facebooked or otherwise promoted the project – for their amazing kindness and support.

As a small organisation (albeit one that consistently punches well above its weight in terms of political and media influence), we value our supporters all the more – whether they’re making a donation, reading one of our publications, or simply telling their friends about our work. So we intend to put all our efforts into making Anyone’s Child a success. We’ve already started work on how to make this project convey the arguments for drug policy reform in a uniquely powerful and engaging way, and we hope you will be pleased with the result.

Finally, we’d also like to say a huge thank you to Anne-Marie Cockburn, who has been the driving force behind this project. Her tireless campaigning and commitment to the cause has inspired and motivated us all. If you haven’t already, do watch or share her video, to see just how important Anyone’s Child is.

Thank you again, from all at Transform.