Report of the expert panel on cannabis regulation in the UK – published today

Last year, the Liberal Democrats announced their intention to set up an expert panel to look into how a legal, regulated cannabis market could function in the UK. Transform's Senior Policy Analyst, Steve Rolles, was appointed as chair of the panel, which also included Chief Constable of Durham Mike Barton, Professor David Nutt, Professor Fiona Meahsam, Professor Harry Sumnall, Niamh Eastwood of Release, and former Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire Police Tom Lloyd. 

The panel's final report has been released today, and will now inform the development of the new Lib Dem position on cannabis regulation. The report was produced with full editorial independence by the panel, who undertook the work on an unpaid basis.

It makes the case for a tightly regulated cannabis market that that prioritises protecting public health over commercial interests. 

The report is available to download here (PDF), and below is a round-up of some of the media coverage it has received.

A lot of the media headlinespicked up on in on the potential 1 billion tax revenue (presumably becuase on of the press agencies led on this) even though that is actually old news (from a 2013 report) and not in any way the focus on the report. None the less, the coverage has been extensive and overwhemingly positive.


There was also similar coverage in Metro, Mirror, City AM, ITV, Express, and a range of smaller regional outlets