A mother's response to the #CrushDabWait MDMA crystal campaign


This is a guest blog by Anne-Marie Cockburn (previously published by the Loop)

When I found out about the new #CrushDabWait campaign launched last week I felt relieved that common sense was finally prevailing. My only wish is that this campaign had existed 23 months ago before I lost my only child to an accidental ecstasy overdose. My 15-year-old daughter Martha pounded down MDMA crystal to a powder that turned out to be 91% pure, she swallowed half a gram in one go and died 3 hours later.

The #CrushDabWait campaign was launched by The Loop drugs charity just ahead of Glastonbury to encourage users to think carefully about how much MDMA crystal they consume. I was delighted that it was supported by Radio 1 DJ B.Traits and drum and bass DJ Nicky Blackmarket, as well as being featured in Mixmag. This campaign fills me with hope that lives will be saved and other families won't have to suffer a loss like mine.

The experts behind this campaign are keen to stress that they're not trying to condone or encourage use, but due to the very high purity of MDMA crystal currently in circulation in the UK (on average 83%), this campaign is focussing solely on MDMA crystal rather than any other forms of ecstasy in order to put out necessary, informative and responsible public health information. This is an evidence-based response, based on research by The Loop’s Fiona Measham, showing that not only is MDMA crystal the most popular drug taken at UK festivals and EDM dance clubs, it’s also virtually pure and is causing serious medical problems for young people taking too much.

There will be those that say it is irresponsible and will encourage drug use – but I believe that the #CrushDabWait campaign could have saved Martha's life had she known about it. Martha wanted to get high, she didn't want to die – no parent wants either, but there's one of those that's preferable to the other.


For more information on the campaign, visit The Loop or use #CrushDabWait. Martha's story can be found here