Help us launch our new project, Anyone's Child: Families for Safer Drug Control

My name is Anne-Marie Cockburn. Last July, I received the phone call that no parent ever wants, saying that my 15-year-old daughter, Martha, was gravely ill as a result of an ecstasy overdose. She died two hours later.

Please watch my video to hear my story, and why I'm now fundraising for Transform Drug Policy Foundation and our new project, Anyone's Child: Families for Safer Drug Control.


I am appealing for your help to reach our £10,000 target to launch this new project because I believe Martha might still be alive today if drugs were legally regulated. 

Please donate what you can, and share this video, so that other parents never have to feel the way I do.

Anyone's Child: the project

We are witnessing historic changes around the world, as countries are finally beginning to explore ways of legally regulating drugs. A growing number of US states have decided to put governments rather gangsters in control of the cannabis trade, and even in the UK, the government has produced a report admitting that harsh penalties do not deter drug use.

But the biggest remaining barrier to widespread reform is many people’s fear that any move away from prohibition would endanger their children. And unscrupulous politicians and elements of the media whip up and play on this fear to further their own agendas. 

This emotional response is impossible to dispel with evidence alone. We need to directly counter people’s fears by using the same kind of powerful and moving language as the fear itself. And sadly, that is something only parents like Anne-Marie can do.

Anyone’s Child will put a human face on the costs of the war on drugs. It will show the public that it is the current approach which is endangering their children, and that legal regulation would help keep them safe. To do this, the project will, for the first time, bring together and give a voice to families whose tragic stories will reach and convince audiences in a way no other campaign ever has or could. 

Their perspective will have huge media appeal, help generate unprecedented levels of public support for reform, and crucially, stop politicians using people’s natural fears for their children to prevent reform.

So please donate today. With your help, we can end the war on drugs, better protect our children, and get drugs under control.

Your donation will enable us to:

  • Reach out to, establish and support a network of families speaking out on the urgent need for drug policy reform
  • Produce a new website, complete with video case studies of families who have been harmed by the war on drugs
  • Launch an effective media campaign that exposes new audiences to the arguments for drug policy reform
  • Produce a report that outlines how prohibition endangers our children
  • Lobby MPs, policy makers and other influential figures to bring about change