Help us launch our International Families Against the Drug War campaign

Today we are launching our new crowdfunding campaign on Just Giving to raise money for our new campaign 'International Families against the Drug War' which we will be taking to the UN next year.

The campaign will be delivered in partnership with organisations and individuals from across the globe including Anyone's Child: Families for Safer Drug ControlMoms United to End the War on Drugs, mums DU, the Mexican Commission for the Defence and Protection of Human Rights and the Reach out Centre.


Please watch our powerful new video to find out more:


Please donate what you can, and share this video, so that other parents never have to feel the way we do.


About The Campaign:

Our politicians tell us that our drug policies are protecting us. They aren't. 

We have a once in a generation opportunity for change next April when the UN meets to discuss the world drug problem. We want to be there to tell global leaders, face-to-face, that their drug policies are harming our children.

We know that our drug laws are causing even more damage than the drugs themselves. 

We have all lost children or relatives to the drug war. We now need the world to hear our stories so that other families don’t suffer as we have.

Our stories tell of the universal and indiscriminate nature of the damage being caused by our failed drug laws. It shows how this could happen to any of our children or those we love.

Please donate now. We need £10,000 to build our campaign, put pressure on our leaders and force them to listen. 


Your donation will enable us to:

•Go to the United Nations to lobby policy makers to bring about change
•Establish a network of families speaking out on the need for reform
•Launch a media campaign that exposes new audiences to the arguments
•Produce a report that outlines how prohibition endangers our children


Please donate to the campaign here.

Your money will make change happen, save lives and help to protect all our families. 

Thank you.