Fighting Drugo the dragon: a metaphor for the war on drugs

The drugs issue is like an oil fire: the commonsense temptation is to throw water onto the fire, but in reality it's the last thing you should do – it's going to make the situation a lot, lot worse. (Hat tip to Sanho Tree for that analogy.

So while prohibition, criminalisation and punitive law enforcement seem like the obvious response to the problems caused by drugs, they actually cause more harm than drugs themselves. 

This is the point forcefully made by the Global Commission on Drug Policy, in their new short animated film that follows the fate of 'Drugo the dragon'. The citizens of a faiytale-like kingdom start spending time with Drugo, and some of them spend too much time with him, worsening their health and wellbeing. The ruler of the kingdom decides to tackle the Drugo problem by launching an all-out war on Drugo and those who spend time with him, and, well, you can guess how that turns out...

The three-minute film has been beautifully crafted using stop motion animation, and took seven months to complete. Please watch and share it – it's an entertaining and engaging introduction to the sometimes complex issue of drug policy reform. It's a great way of explaining the need to end the war on drugs to a whole new audience that's previously never questioned the current approach. 

You can also see how the film was painstakingly produced by some very talented people: