End the drug war: Join the mass lobby in parliament on Tuesday 26th June

Will you join us and help us spread the word as we head to parliament in record numbers to demand our MP’s end the failed drug war

Across the world, drug policy reform is happening! Canada, Uruguay and US states have all legalised cannabis and more and more countries are decriminalising drug possession. It’s time for our leaders to take note and make reform a reality here in the UK too. If you do one thing to help change UK drug policy, it’s putting pressure on your MP! PLEASE JOIN US

What can you do?

On June 26th we will lead a mass political lobby led by families whose lives have been destroyed by the drug war. We want your help to put pressure on MPs to legally control and regulate drugs, to better protect us all.


The 26th June is the United Nations international Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking – we are joining with our friends at Support Don’t Punish to demonstrate to MPs and the media that the tides have changed and that there’s never been so much support for drug policy reform. The time is right.
Please email us at info@anyoneschild.org if you have any questions and to confirm your attendance.
Want to join us? Complete our template email and request a meeting with your MP. Please help us to spread the word.
Click the button below to visit the UK parliament website, where you can find your MP’s email address. You can copy and paste the template email we’ve produced here, or write your own if you prefer. Please bcc info@anyoneschild.org into all emails, and forward any response to us so that we can keep track of which MPs are contacted, and what they say.
Please remember to include your address to guarantee you get a reply!
Dear < your MP’s name >,
Please meet me at Parliament on the afternoon of 26th June to discuss the impact our current drugs laws are having on people in our community.
My name is <your name>, and I live in your constituency. I am writing to you because I am concerned about the negative impacts of the UK’s prohibition-based approach to drugs. I will be visiting Parliament on the 26th June to raise awareness of this issue and would like to meet you while I am there.
Effective drug policy should improve public health, reduce crime, promote international development and most importantly, protect young and vulnerable people. Overwhelming evidence shows that current policy fails to achieve this.
I am particularly concerned that people in our constituency are having their lives wrecked by current policy.
The harrowing stories of the families who campaign with ‘Anyone’s Child: Families for Safer Drug Control’ show that the lives of young people and the communities we live in throughout the UK are being damaged by our current criminal justice-led approach to drugs.
Reading their stories has convinced me things must change and we need to regulate the market rather than let criminals control it. I urge you to read them too: www.anyoneschild.org/stories
These brave families are uniting to push for drug policy reform to prevent others from suffering as they have. In the UK drug-related deaths are at record levels, our prisons are in crisis and drugs are getting stronger. Almost one in three drug overdose deaths in Europe are recorded in the UK, which surely we can all agree is unacceptable. We have ample evidence from other countries where alternative policies are delivering much better outcomes, and shows that they save lives. 
I am urging you, as my Member of Parliament, to come and meet me on the 26th June to discuss what can be done about this pressing issue, so that we can find a better way to keep our children safe. Please do let me know what time would be convenient to meet.
I look forward to seeing you on the 26th June.
Yours sincerely,
<your name and full address>