Drug policy reform is now top of the agenda. Help keep the momentum going

As I'm sure you saw, there was a flurry of media excitement last week. A long-delayed Home Office report highlighting the lack of evidence behind the government's own approach to drugs was finally published, and a parliamentary debate was held, the conclusion of which was that the government must conduct an independent impact assessment of the Misuse of Drugs Act. The Conservatives didn't even put anyone up to argue against the need for such an assessment.

Below is a just a sample of some of the great media coverage that was generated as a result of these events. Behind the scenes, Transform – and several other brilliant organisations, including Release and IDPC – worked solidly in the months leading up to last week, to make sure that evidence-based drug policy reform dominated the political and media agenda.

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  • Transform’s head of external affairs, Danny Kushlick, was quoted in numerous newspapers, including the Sun (on page 2), and the Guardian

  • Transform’s policy and communications officer, George Murkin, wrote a comment piece for the Independent 


  • The Independent gave prominent, front-page coverage to the need for drug policy reform on two successive days


  • The UK's biggest-selling tabloid, The Sun, published two favourable editorials calling for a rational debate on drug policy


  • The Sun also conducted an opinion poll (with 3,700 people in the sample), which produced some very encouraging findings


We're really delighted with the progress that was made last week. However, none of these achievements would have been possible without the support of our donors. We now need your help to keep this momentum going.

Please make a donation to Transform today, to help put the evidence back into drug policy. Thank you.