Debating Drugs: How to Make the Case for Legal Regulation

Transform has a new publication out today. Organised into 12 key subject areas, our latest guide contains concise summaries of the arguments for legal regulation, along with effective responses to many commonly heard concerns. So if someone tells you that legal regulation would mean a drugs ‘free-for-all’, or that the war on drugs can be won if we simply fight harder, you’ll be equipped to reply with short, clear and memorable counter-arguments.

We’ll be using the guide to help brief politicians, journalists and high-profile public figures on how to discuss these issues when they make appearances in the media or take part in public debates, but we also intend for it to be used by drug policy reform activists and members of the public who want to raise awareness of the need to end prohibition and get drugs under control.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be blogging sections of the guide and producing some mini infographics, such as the one below, to highlight some of the key issues that are covered. Please share them to help dispel some of the myths about legal regulation and raise the standard of the drug policy debate.