Available today: Spanish translation of 'How to Regulate Cannabis: A Practical Guide'

The Spanish translation of Transform’s cannabis regulation guide is available to download for free today.

The book is aimed at policy makers, drug policy reform advocates and affected communities all over the world, who are witnessing the question change from, 'Should we maintain cannabis prohibition?’ to ‘How will legal regulation work in practice?' It explores the key practical challenges involved in developing and implementing effective systems of cannabis regulation that will better protect public health and safety. There are sections on, among others, production, price, preparation, tax, potency, and marketing – as well as details of existing cannabis regulation policies in places where they have already been implemented. 

"Esta guía es una lectura esencial para las y los responsables políticos en todo el mundo que saben que la prohibición del cannabis ha fracasado. En completo detalle, el libro explora la experiencia pragmática y los enfoques basados en evidencia para regular la droga ilícita más ampliamente utilizada en el mundo."
- Professor David Nutt, Presidente del Comité Científico Independiente sobre Drogas

The book will be launched at an event tonight, at 19:00 local time, in Mexico City.

Staff from Transform and our Latin American partner organisation, México Unido Contra la Delincuencia, have already been featured on Mexican television in advance of the launch, and we're expecting more media coverage later in the week.