An appeal from Transform's Treasurer

This post has been written by Transform's Treasurer, John Moore

This week Transform holds its Annual General Meeting. It provides us with an opportunity to both celebrate the fantastic work of the last year and to plan our future campaigns. 

At Transform we are not only shaping global drug policy we are also brilliant housekeepers. We operated last year on a turnover of £250,329 out of which we covered the costs of employing our staff, running our offices, our production costs as well as maintaining a high media profile within the UK and international. Like most years we started out knowing we had sufficient donations promised to cover about three quarters of our expenditure but had to devote significant efforts trying to raise the remainder. This year we did manage reasonably well, ending up with a small deficit of £635 (last year’s deficit was significantly higher at £27,632) but there was much we wanted to do that we simply couldn’t afford to.

Read Transform's latest annual review (pdf) to find out more about what the organisation has achieved

That we achieve what we do is down to Transform’s donors whose contributions are invaluable and very much appreciated. For the forthcoming year the continued support of our existing donors will cover most of our ongoing costs but we still face a projected shortfall of just over £70,000. This is not a huge amount and I am confident we will raise it. But the sooner we do the sooner we can direct all our staff’s efforts to Transform’s core objective – getting drugs under control – and not fundraising.

So could I ask all of us who support Transform’s wonderful work to consider giving a little more. If you are supporter who hasn’t previously contributed you can do so now online here. If you are, like me, a current regular donor please consider increasing your monthly donation – I just e-mailed ( with a request to increase my direct debit and it was all arranged. For those considering donating but who want to talk about how your contribution will really make a difference please contact Jane who will be delighted to talk to you ( / 0117 3250295).

Transform is an organisation changing global drug policy. So please whether you can afford to make a donation to cover this year’s projected shortfall (£70,000); last year’s deficit (£635) or like me a small amount every month please make your contribution to getting drugs under control and support Transform.

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