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This submission suggests that whether we are making minor changes to sentencing policy, or major changes to the legislation, we must have a robust system for...
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As detailed in Transform’s paper on the securitisation of drugs, ‘...
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Drugs are a security issue because their misuse is treated as a threat to humanity - securitised, as understood by the international relations theory, in the 1960s. As a result of this securitisation...
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Transform has a number of serious concerns about the consultation process and the contents of the consultation paper itself.
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Transform is supportive of the concept of an independent expert Government advisory body on drugs and drug policy.
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Transform welcomes this consultation and its commitment to reviewing the evidence regarding the enforcement of prohibition. However, we are concerned that the...
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The UK Government should lead the world by carrying out an Impact Assessment (IA) of domestic drugs prohibition, starting with the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971...
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Numerous reports have shown that the criminalisation of drugs including cocaine largely creates the ‘drug problem’, yet there is collective denial in...
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Transform welcomes this consultation as timely, thorough and thoughtful, and hopes that it will allow us to build on the recent achievements made in tobacco...
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