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The UK’s approach to drugs has lead to record levels of drug-related deaths, criminalises and stigmatises millions, while sweeping many young people into a...

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Prescribing heroin for some dependent users, usually for use in clinics under medical supervision, is called heroin assisted treatment (HAT). The practice is well established, already legal under...

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UK drug related death rates are among the highest in Europe, and are increasing dramatically

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A number of countries – including Switzerland, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Canada – prescribe heroin for use under medical supervision...

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Turkey’s move from illicit to licit opium production for medicinal use demonstrates that an orderly...

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“Diplomacy or denialism? The language that the UNGASS Outcome Document overlooked” highlights just a small selection of the strong, progressive and evidence-based language on issues that are...
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Joint submission to the Public Bill Committee into the Psychoactive Substances Bill, produced by Release and Transform. It is Transform’s and Release’s opinion that far more could be done to...

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